Tuesday, October 16, 2012

This Whip Is Unkind.

Because I'm committed to recommitting to this blog I have to get back on schedule with my updates. It's late on a Tuesday and I've been busy all day. I've been filling out job applications or I've been wasting time reading articles on the internet, but I've been busy all the same. The second round of the presidential debates were tonight? Did you watch/listen? Did the debates fill you with hope or depress you? I just laughed at how childish it all sounded. Fuck these suits.

I've applied for half a dozen jobs now. I've given 3 interviews and been rejected by one employer. This all wears me down and it is no fun. Thankfully, I have good friends and the job leads keep coming in and I keep chasing them down. I'm getting faster at this bullshit as the days go on.

I predict that I will have a job before this month is over and that scares me mildly. Not for any good reason. I'm just scared to give up my free time. I love my free time and the only thing besides money that makes me the least bit eager to give up my free time is my realization that I waste most of my free time on pointless bullshit. I'm ready to find a job or jobs and complete the final step. Once I have a job/jobs that covers my monthly expenses I can then say that I am a fully self supporting, debt free human living on Planet Earth. After that it's all cake.


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